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Commission for :iconquillwrite7x:

Princess Luna vs. Queen Chrysalis

by Magni

    The sun was directly over Canterlot Castle. Noon came, and Princess Celestia stood on the balcony of the highest tower. There, she basked in the warm sunlight and inhaled a large, calm breath of the cool, refreshing air before exhaling through her mouth. It was rarely that she was able to break away from the tedious demands of her duties as the Sun Raiser, and she rejoiced in every moment. She had woken up at the crack of dawn so that she could create the dawn, and the last six hours had been filled with the typical work that came with ruling an enormous, prosperous nation like Equestria. Despite her relative tranquility, she felt tired and wanted an escape, no matter how small. It was a bad day when her mane was livelier than she was.

    For a second, Celestia considered taking a trip. Perhaps to Rainbow Falls or the Smokey Mountain range. Someplace warm, preferably. Definitely someplace peaceful. She would ask somepony reliable like Princess Cadence or Twilight- sorry, Princess Twilight. She was always forgetting that her favourite student was no longer even her student- to handle any issues that would come up in her absence. Perhaps her younger sister would come along as well, if Luna bothered to even get out of bed.

    Celestia sighed again, closing her eyes. She smiled, enjoying this brief moment, but her serenity came crashing down around her when the door clicked open behind her.

    "Your Majesty," a Royal Guard addressed her respectfully, taking off his helmet and bowing his head as was proper.

    Tia turned, confused, "Is there something wrong?"

    "Yes, your Highness," he gulped, and then nodded.

    Celestia rose up from where she had been lying down, sighing again, but this time was in anxious frustration rather than peacefulness, "Very well. Let's discuss this in the throne room, shall we? I hope it isn't anything too bad..." Her moment of quiet would have to wait. Equestria needed her.


    There was a knock at the door to Princess Luna's chamber. The Princess, lying in her bed clad only in her typical summer sleepwear consisting of a dark purple pair of kitty-print panties and a black bra, groaned as she was stirred awake from her slumber by a sudden tapping sound. She yawned, picking up her pillow and putting her head under it stubbornly. The tapping persisted, and finally a gentle voice rang out.

    "Princess Luna? Are you there?" one of the handmaidens asked from outside, knocking on the door.

    "Leave me alone..." Luna grumbled from under her pillow. "I'm trying to sleep... I mean, I'm traversing the world of dreams, or something..."

    "Uh... okay," the handmaiden said, "but, Your Highness, your sister has called for you. She said it was important."

    "Right. The last time she said that, she needed help opening a container of cake frosting and was too embarrassed to ask a guard or servant..." Luna recalled bitterly. Finally, she emerged from beneath her pillow, rubbing her eyes with her hooves and opening her mouth in a wide yawn as she reluctantly climbed out of her bed, nearly tumbling to the floor in her daze, but finally reaching the door. She opened it to see that the handmaiden was still waiting in the hallway, and she jumped back as the Princess stepped out of the room. "Ugh, why is this castle so bright during the day?"

    "It is noon, Your Majesty, to be fair," the handmaiden bowed.

    "Right. Uh, I knew that," Luna replied, stretching her forelegs over her head. "I should go see what Celestia wants."

    "Uh... Princess?" the handmaiden asked uncertainly as Luna began trotting down the corridor toward the throne room. Luna turned back, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

    "Yes?" she inquired.

    "You... uh..." the handmaiden began awkwardly, "'re in your, um, underwear."

    Luna glanced down to see that she was still in her sleepwear, and her eyes widened when it dawned on her that she was standing almost naked in front of this handmaiden. On the plus side, the sudden jolt of embarrassing realization fully woke her up. She hurried back into her chamber, swiftly closing the door behind her.

    "I'll be out in a minute!" Luna called, her blush hidden behind the door. The handmaiden stifled a giggle before she turned and trotted back down the corridor to take care of her other duties. She had only been serving at Canterlot Castle for a month and a half now, and working under the Princesses was already much more fun than her last few jobs as a maid for the upper class in Canterlot. The Princesses really were something.


    The tall doors to the throne room slowly creaked open dramatically, and Princess Luna entered tiredly, now dressed for the day. Her black tiara now rested atop her head, her necklace was around her neck, and she had covered her private lingerie with an elegant dark purple two-piece dress that brushed against the floor. Her sister sat atop her throne, watching her enter from her perch. Unlike Luna, Celestia's clothing was bright: a light yellow dress and a lovely golden tiara and necklace combination. In a way, every little detail about the sisters from their mane colours to their clothing only served to highlight their duality. Luna wondered if her sister's large stature and her smaller one also served as representation of the sun's enormous size and the moon's smaller one. Even their personalities were drastically different.

    "Good morning, Luna," Celestia smiled. "You're awake at last, I see."

    "I was awake until dawn, sister," Luna replied, "as I am every night. There was no dream traversing last night."

    "I see. Anyway, I suppose you're wondering why I've called you here?"

    "It isn't another container of cake frosting, is it?"

    Celestia's face turned pink, "You said you'd never bring that up again!"

    "If not that," Luna asked, raising an eyebrow, "then why have you woken me from my rest?"

    "It's actually for a very important reason, so do try to pay attention," Princess Celestia cleared her throat and stood up a little straighter on her throne. "As you know, the Canterlot Wedding fiasco was secretly orchestrated by an army of Changelings. Specifically, a Changeling Queen disguised as Princess Cadence engineered the invasion. If not for the real Princess Cadence and Shining Armor, Canterlot may very well be under Changeling control now."

    "Indeed, I remember," Luna tilted her head to the side. "I missed the wedding because I was keeping watch from atop the guard tower and then fought the Changelings in the streets to protect our subjects."

    "A valiant effort, though ineffective in the end," Celestia smirked, and Luna wanted to scream. There was just something so condescending in the way Celestia talked to her that really got her blood boiling. Still, Luna bit her lip and held back any outbursts that might have come out. "Unfortunately, the Changelings are back."

    "What?" Luna was caught off-guard. That was impossible; there was no way that the Changelings would return to Equestria after their defeat. Perhaps those creatures had more nerve than Luna had given them credit for, or they were simply just unwise. "If the Changelings have returned, then we must prepare for another invasion."

    "I completely agree," Celestia nodded, "but I want you to go somewhere safe."

    "I beg your pardon?" Luna narrowed her eyes. "Do you think that I am incapable of protecting myself?"

    "Please don't be like this, Luna," Celestia bit her lip. "I'm just trying to do what Mother would have by keeping you out of harm's way-"

    "You're always doing this, Tia! Always treating me like a filly," Luna grit her teeth. "Those days are long gone, my sister! I am stronger now, I can stand against the Changelings! Whenever Equestria is facing a crisis, you try to keep me out of the way when I could help!"

    "My magic is no match for Queen Chrysalis if she's been feeding on somepony's love!" Celestia argued. "During the wedding, we fought. She was much more powerful than me because of Shining Armor's love for Cadence. If she's found another source to feed on, then nopony knows how powerful she may be right now."

    "You didn't inform me when Discord returned," Luna muttered. "Instead, you sent me to Prance under the guise of a peacekeeping visit. Our relations with Prance are just fine! You just wanted to get rid of me!"

    "That isn't true, little sister-"

    "And you refused to let me help face King Sombra when the Crystal Empire returned because you thought I would only be in danger," Luna accused.

    "I-I was using the Crystal Empire to test Twilight-!"

    "Just how feeble do you think me to be?" Luna demanded. "You're not a filly anymore, sister, nor am I."

    "Luna, please listen to me," Celestia begged, rising from her throne and trotting down toward Luna. "I don't want you in harm's way, little sister."

    Celestia put her hoof on Luna's shoulder, only for Luna to pull away and let Celestia's hoof fall. Celestia sighed, turning away from Luna and pacing forward a few feet before coming to a stop.

    "I can take care of myself. With or without your support," Luna declared, glaring at Celestia's back.

    "I don't care."

    "What?" Luna's glare immediately vanished and her eyes opened wide in surprise.

    "I don't care, Luna. Our mother wanted me to protect you when I ascended to the throne, and I've tried to do my best by her for you! I know it hasn't been easy, but I've done it so far, haven't I? I've kept you safe, haven't I?" Celestia looked down at the floor, "...haven't I?"

    Celestia remained there for another few seconds before she suddenly heard the familiar sound of Luna's alicorn horn powering up and then she cried out in shock as her dress was lifted up, exposing her bright yellow panties, appropriately designed with a wide orange sun over her flank. Luna swiftly moved forward and grabbed the back of Tia's panties before roughly yanking up, burying that sun between her sister's cheeks. Tia grit her teeth as her face lit up in a blush, unwilling to believe the obvious fact that she was being wedgied by her younger sister. The back of her panties were quickly stretched to the middle of her back before Luna let go, letting Celestia's dress fall and hide her bunched-up underwear behind a curtain of fabric. Tia absently moved her hoof behind her to pull her panties out of her plot as she turned around to face Luna.

    "If you're going to treat me like a filly, there's no reason for me not to act like one," Luna growled before she whirled around and stormed out of the throne room.

    "Luna-!" Celestia desperately called after her, but the Princess of the Night didn't even look back as she magically slammed the heavy throne room door behind her. Tia let out another frustrated sigh, but the realization crept into her mind that this- or at least, a large part of it- was entirely her own fault. She would have to talk to Luna about this, but how? Was she supposed to give her time to cool down first? Should she chase her now and stop her from doing something drastic? Celestia actually made a move toward the door, but it suddenly opened and a red Pegasus, clad in the familiar golden Royal Guard armor, burst into the throne room.

    "Your Majesty!" Wing Saber panted. "We think we've located the Changeling Queen!"

    Princess Celestia was torn between going after her sister and dealing with the threat to her kingdom, and she finally slumped her shoulders a little. The best part about being the ruler of the land is that you get to make all of the important decisions, but sometimes that's also the worst part. Celestia knew that the right choice in this situation would be to deal with the threat of the Changelings, but still... her heart ached at the thought of her younger sister being upset with her. She remembered the carefree days when they were younger, and wondered where they had gone.

    "Very well," Celestia lowered her head. "Lead the way."

    "Yes, your Highness," Wing Saber agreed, turning and leading the Princess out of the throne room, leaving behind an empty, elegant vastness that still echoed with the fury of the last conversation held within its walls.


    Princess Luna bitterly roamed down the castle halls, her heart filled with spite and resentment for her sister. It wasn't fair; nopony ever trusted her with something important, and Celestia was a constant pain in her flank. During their foalhoods, this statement was literal; she still remembered the fights they used to have. Their mother, the Queen, often had to step in during those turbulent times. Those were some rather unique fights, if Luna remembered correctly. She still shuddered when she thought of how many pairs of panties had been unceremoniously ripped off her.

    The bright side of today was that she managed to get Tia back for everything that happened when they were young, but that didn't make her feel much better.

    Luna pushed open the two heavy castle doors and stepped outside into the warm Canterlot afternoon. It was strange, really; after a thousand years, the most familiar thing to the inexperienced Princess of the Night were the Canterlot ponies. They always dressed elegantly and talked down to anypony they perceived as beneath them, but they always adored royalty to an almost fanatical level. Luna preferred the nervous honesty of ponies from someplace like Ponyville to the entitled reverence of Canterlot any day.

    She lingered on castle grounds, behind the walls that separated the castle from the city, and fidgeted with her tiara and necklace. She really needed some alone time, but among the upper-class of Canterlot would be impossible. What she needed to do, she realized, was leave the castle and the city behind, maybe clear her head a little. Yes, that seemed like the best idea. First though... Luna turned back to the castle and hesitantly went inside. Right now, it was back to her chamber.

    She still had a nap to finish.


    "The Changeling Queen was sighted here, by the Foal Mountain near Hollow Shades," a guard pointed at a location East of Canterlot on a map of Equestria in Princess Celestia's conference room. "Which, coincidentally, is the same direction that most of the Changelings were thrown at the end of the Canterlot Wedding Incident."

    "So she's making her way back toward Canterlot?" Princess Celestia asked tiredly; she hadn't forgotten her rather embarrassing encounter with Queen Chrysalis that had ended with her defeat and being sealed inside a cocoon.

    "We believe so," the guard replied.

    "Wonderful," Celestia sighed, rubbing her eyes in an annoyed way. "Assemble a few troops. Make sure to follow anti-Changeling procedures. We're going to go face them."

    "Yes, your Highness," the guard nodded before hurrying to gather some stallions.

    Princess Celestia glared down at the map where Queen Chrysalis was supposed to be. As if her day wasn't going horribly enough already...


    The time soon came for the sun to set and the moon to rise. Princess Luna, after spending most of the day in her chamber, leaned against the railing on her balcony, watching the deep blue sky make the transition to a vibrant orange colour as the sun began to disappear over the horizon. Her own alicorn horn lit up and the moon rose up from the opposite skyline to take its place in the soothing, shining night sky. Contrary to what most ponies believed, raising the sun and moon wasn't very difficult for her or her sister. Perhaps it was when they were fillies, but as time went on, it got easier even if other powerful magic was sometimes difficult. Sometimes it even felt as though the moon was a part of her, and Luna imagined it was the same way for her sister and the sun.

    Luna's glistening eyes turned toward the sky for a moment, and then she glanced down over the city of Canterlot and then to the Equestrian landscape beyond. From her balcony, she might have had the best view in all of Equestria. Her hooves gripped the railing tightly for a moment, and suddenly the Princess threw herself over the railing. The wind whistled through her mane, and the sidewalk below rose up remarkably quickly, but Luna's great alicorn wings unfurled at the last second and she rose back into the sky with the bottoms of her crystal horseshoes barely grazing the pavement. She took off into the air on the night's moonlit wings, and with only a few flaps, she was high in the sky over Canterlot.

    When Luna does it, it's dramatic, but whenever anypony else does it, it's "dangerous and insane".

    The Princess of the Night flew West, in the direction of White Tail Woods. Perhaps a little flight would help her clear her head a little bit. Only time would tell.


    Princess Luna soared through the scenic night sky, gazing down at the nocturnal world below. The night, to her, always held a serene sort of beauty. Ponies needed to see the world without light in order to appreciate the warmth of the sun. Though the night could be foreboding, it could also be comforting. The stars glistened like crystals in the sky. The moon hung overhead, protectively gazing down over sleeping ponies. It was true that many ponies preferred her sister's day to her night, but the few who preferred the darkness knew that the night was more complicated, that the night had more layers to understand, than the day.

    The night was more than just a moon, some stars, and darkness.

    But then, that meant that the day was more than a sun.

    The Princess was over White Tail Woods now, and from where she was high in the sky, the forest held a certain charming allure. She was in no way tired from her flight, but she thought that taking a short break down among the trees wouldn't hurt. White Tail, contrary to popular belief, was actually a very safe place, which was why the annual Ponyville "Running of the Leaves" took place here. The only animals she expected to run into were harmless nocturnal ones.

    Ahead, the trees parted to form a small clearing with a large rock in the centre. This looked to Luna like the perfect place to stop and rest. She swooped down, landing gently atop the soft grass, and folded her wings to her back. She leaned her forelegs against the rock, and took a deep breath of the cool forest breeze. From somewhere in the trees nearby, she could hear the wet splashes of a creek.

    Suddenly, catching the Princess of the Night off-guard because of sheer unexpectedness, the bottom of her purple dress was pulled down around her ankles. Luna froze in bewilderment, only managing to stare down at her exposed underwear, a nice pair of blacker-than-night lacy panties, as the bottom half of her dress rested on the ground. What in Equestria? She had just been pantsed!

    Luna snapped back to her senses and bent over in an attempt to pull up her dress and cover herself, but all that did was leave her panty-covered flank open for attack. Without warning, Luna felt a magical aura seize the back of her panties before her underwear launched itself into the air. Luna couldn't entirely hold back a shrill shriek as she was unceremoniously lifted into the air hard by a painful hanging wedgie. The Princess blushed down to the roots of her dark blue coat, and squirmed in a feeble attempt to escape her wedgie, but this only drove the panties deeper into her flank. It was her fillyhood all over again...

    "W-Who dares assault the Princess of the Night?!" Luna cried out in a strained voice as she winced and cupped her hooves over her privates. "Show yourself!"

    "The Queen of the Changelings dares!" a laughing voice sang, causing Luna's heart to sink. From out of the rustling trees, Queen Chrysalis stepped into the moonlight, her tattered green dress shimmering in the light and her hungry eyes focused on Luna. The Changeling's twisted horn glowed with the radiance of her magic as she bounced Luna a few times to dig the wedgie deeper into her embarrassed victim's haunches, making the Princess cringe at the pain between her legs with every slight tug of her panties.

    "You!" Luna exclaimed, narrowing her eyes and trying to look tough despite her current predicament. "What do you want, Chrysalis?"

    "Revenge against Equestria, Princess," Chrysalis replied mockingly. "After our humiliation in Canterlot, I've been trying to regroup my Changelings for another invasion. This time, we won't fail! But..."

    "But? But what?"

    Chrysalis sighed as she stopped bouncing Luna, now holding the Princess of the Night in the air in just a simple hanging wedgie. Luna shifted uncomfortably as the fabric lodged deep within her plot, but listened intently to Chrysalis, "But their morale is at an all-time low. Most of my Changelings would rather stay in the hive than march on Canterlot. It was difficult just finding one to impersonate me to lead your foolish sister to Hollow Shades on the other side of Equestria."

    "I had no idea that Changelings could impersonate other Changelings."

    "Indeed, though finding one willing to undergo the task was... unpleasant. However..." Chrysalis shot a wicked grin at Luna, showing off her fangs menacingly, "my Changelings will race to invade Canterlot once I show them that I've captured Princess Celestia's younger sister!"

    Chrysalis began to laugh, her maniacal giggles echoing through the clearing as she used her magic to swing Luna around by her panties again. Luna pressed her legs tightly together, keeping her hooves over the front of her privates to get some kind of relief from this torment, and cringed. Her flank clenched at the painful wedgie, but the worst part was that the Changeling Queen was making it all happen. Chrysalis. Luna wouldn't stand for this kind of degradation from anypony, especially not her!

Luna concentrated on ignoring the wedgie (which was very difficult considering that the fabric was only grinding deeper into the mare's plot with every passing moment), and her alicorn horn lit up. Chrysalis was too busy enjoying hurting Luna's poor flank to notice the blue aura emanating from her horn, nor did she notice the same magical aura surrounding her dress. All she was focused on was getting those panties over Luna's head, bringing the fabric over that ridiculous tiara and hooking it over Luna's snout. Imagine the look on Celestia's face when Chrysalis sent her a picture of her pathetic little sister in the Changeling hive with her panties over her head!

    The thought of the absurdity of it all only caused Chrysalis to break down in hysterics again, laughing so hard that she couldn't focus on watching Luna's hilarious grimace as her wedgie only got more intense and her panties only stretched further and further. She couldn't even focus on watching the fabric of her own dress disintegrate into nothing- wait, what?

    Chrysalis looked down and gasped at the sight that greeted her. Her dark grey body, her most intimate areas covered only by her bright green panties and bra, with a pattern of pink hearts scattered across both of them, were now exposed to Princess Luna, the alicorn that she thought had been completely helpless a minute ago. Her face turned red, and her magical grip on Luna's undies weakened enough for the Princess to break free of her wedgie and fall slightly before catching herself with her wings.

    "Gaaahh!" Chrysalis cried, trying to cover herself. "What the Tartarus-?!"

    Despite the threat of the embarrassed Changeling Queen, Luna couldn't help but smirk. When she was just a filly getting painful wedgies from Tia's annoying pranks every so often and failing with her own attempts at revenge nearly every time, she had sought out new ways to keep up with her sister's pranks. After a few hours in the Canterlot archives, she had managed to find a spell that would disintegrate the clothes of whoever it was cast on. Using this trick on Celestia in front of other ponies usually yielded entertaining results, though it had also wrought humiliating ones when Celestia would get even. Not to mention, the spell didn't have a 100% success rate, meaning that occasionally, when Luna tried casting it on Celestia, her own clothes would vanish, leaving her to blush and run off while Celestia laughed at the sheer karma.

    Luna had been worried that the spell would backfire now and take away what little clothing she still had (it had been over 1000 years since she last used it after all), but now she saw that it had worked perfectly.

    The shock of losing her clothes and having her lingerie on display had finally subsided on Chrysalis, who was now fuming as she glared up at the smirking Princess Luna, "What-?! How dare you! Y-You can't do this to the Queen of the Changelings-!"

    "Well, maybe not," Luna narrowed her eyes down at her defiantly, "but I can tell you this: nopony wedgies the Princess of the Night."

    Before Chrysalis could react, Luna's horn lit up again and her magic latched onto the back of Chrysalis' green heart panties. She gulped, realizing what Luna had in mind for her, and braced herself for her inevitable fate. Luna kept herself in the air by flapping her great, majestic wings, but now Chrysalis was launched into the air by the powerful force of an alicorn-powered wedgie! She opened her mouth in a scream, but nothing came out. The pressure between her legs, invading her flank and digging into her cooch, was almost unbearable. Her green undies were forcibly being stretched higher and higher by the unforgiving and relentless Princess Luna, now reaching her shoulders. Her insectoid wings reached through the legholes, and she squeezed her eyes shut.

    Now, Chrysalis was realizing that Princess Luna, the alicorn that she had believed was so weak, so dependent on her sister, had the upper hand against her. Chrysalis realized that if she was going to ambush an Equestrian Princess with a wedgie attack, then she should have picked Princess Twilight (who was probably used to having her underwear tugged, now that she thought about it. It wouldn't surprise her). Chrysalis desperately searched for a way out, but her search was interrupted by her own underwear being pulled over her head and the waistband being snapped over her eyes.

    "Aghh! Release me from this at once!" Chrysalis demanded, reaching up with her hooves to try to peel the waistband off her face, but before she could pull it off her forehead completely, she felt Luna's magic surround her again and lift her up into the air. "H-Hey! What are you doing?!"

    "Merely teaching you that a Changeling Queen is no match for the Moon Princess," Luna replied before grinning, "and having a little fun while doing it."

    Chrysalis wriggled to try to escape both Luna's magical hold and the atomic wedgie, "If you don't let me down this instant-"

    "You'll do what? Scream again?" Luna teased from where she hovered in the air. "I think that atomic wedgie is a good look on you, Chrissy. I certainly like it."

    "Then maybe you should try it!" Chrysalis's horn powered up again as she attempted to feebly seize hold of Luna's panties again, but Luna yawned as Chrysalis's spell failed. "What?!"

    "My magical aura is blocking any spells cast outwards," Luna revealed with a sly smile, "so you're powerless."

    Chrysalis couldn't hide a shocked expression, but Luna didn't notice as she used her magic to pick up a nearby tree branch. The branch- or rather, the stick- was a simple curved piece of oak wood with no real defining features. She gave it a few flicks to test it, each one sending a chill down Chrysalis's spine. The branch wasn't completely firm; with each flick, it moved loosely like a stiff whip.

    "Perfect," Luna smirked.

    "W-What are you doing to do with that?" Chrysalis asked fearfully.

    Her answer came in the form of being turned around and flipped over in mid-air before a sudden, sharp sting hit her directly in the flank. Chrysalis let out a light gasp, but she was more surprised than hurt. This. Could. Not. Be. Happening. Another jolt of pain in her buttcheek confirmed her worst fear: it was. Princess Luna was spanking her. It was foolish, the Princess was acting like a mischievous foal!

    Luna giggled, bringing the stick down across Chrysalis's wedgied butt again. And Tia thought that she wasn't capable of protecting herself. As if... she had Queen Chrysalis squirming in an atomic wedgie and crying out each time she spanked her with a stick! The Changeling's butt was gradually taking on a shade of pink. Luna brought the stick up, and then down again, the barrage of spanks seeming endless to Chrysalis, who had to endure an onslaught of stinging strikes across her haunches.

    Each spank exploded painfully in the Queen's flank, bringing tears to her eyes, a crimson blush to her face, and painful memories of her foalhood to mind. Luna, on the other hand, was enjoying every moment, watching the Changeling squirm and whimper with each collision of the spank with her flank. Though she might have wondered if she was going too far, the knowledge that this was the same creature that lifted her into the air by her panties with her magic made it easy to go a bit overboard.

    Finally, the stick broke against Chrysalis's flank when it had gone nearly as red as her cheeks. Luna sighed in disappointment while Chrysalis exhaled in relief. Now that the heat of the moment had worn off on Luna, she was now realizing that she had never fixed her wedgie or recovered her dress from the forest floor below. Her lacy undies were still wedgied far up her flank.

    "Well, Chrissy, it's been fun," Luna grinned, but there was something in her tone that made Chrysalis tense up again. "Just hang out here for a while, and I'll send the guards to come and fetch you."

    "H-Hang out...?" Chrysalis repeated nervously before Luna stopped using her magic to lift her. Chrysalis thought that she would fall, but then there was a sudden burning sensation in her butt, and she realized that the truth was far worse. Luna had moved her magic to her panties. The Changeling Queen hung her head in shame as she rose higher and higher into the air until at last, Luna hooked her panties onto the highest branch of one of the trees. Luna gently lowered herself to the ground on her wings as Chrysalis moaned in defeat, slumping in humiliation as she struggled to endure the agonizing wedgie. Luna pulled her panties out of her flank with one hoof and, after stepping into the bottom half of her dress where it lie on the ground, pulled up her dress with the other.

    "Much better," Luna said happily after fixing her panties and covering herself.

    "W-Wait! Princess Luna, you can't just leave me here!" Chrysalis shouted in vain from above. She tried to simply fly out of her wedgie, but the rush of embarrassment and pain had caused her wings to stiffen, rendering them unable to move. Luna ignored her and flapped her wings again, flying into the air over the trees. As Luna disappeared over the treetops and soared over the horizon toward Canterlot Castle, Chrysalis sighed, settling herself in for what she knew was going to be a long, painful ordeal, and waited for help from her Changelings to arrive.

    She prayed that they arrived sooner than the Royal Guards did.


    Princess Luna swooped down to a smooth landing outside the gates of Canterlot Castle. On a nearby bench outside the gates sat a light purple mare with a blue mane scribbling on a piece of parchment while a green Unicorn stallion with a yellow mane talked. The mare didn't notice Princess Luna behind her as Luna trotted past them through the gates into the castle. As she passed however, Luna overheard a small portion of their conversation. It sounded a bit like an interview.

    "So in your stories, you use a lot of information about dark magic," Violet Sapphire stopped writing for a moment to ask the question. "Does such an evil subject cause controversy?"

    "Hey, just because magic can be dark doesn't mean it's evil," Quillwrite replied, adjusting his glasses. "For example, Lunar Shroud is a noted dark magic user, and her lectures on the subject at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns are often well-received."

    "Yeah, right!" Violet laughed. "Everypony knows dark magic is evil. Have you ever met somepony who uses dark magic for good?"

    "I know somepony who could..." Quillwrite bit his lip and looked down, thinking of the emerald rose that had won his heart.

    Luna passed them by and entered the castle. From there, she trotted through the magnificent, voluminous halls to the winding staircases, her every hoofstep echoing in the vast emptiness. The halls were dotted with Royal Guards, who stood so rigid that they could have been statues. Luna reached the staircase and slowly climbed the massive stairs to the room in the tallest tower.

    Her sister's bedroom.

    The Princess of the Night finally reached the door, and braced herself before opening it and coming face-to-face with the Princess of the Sun. She had acted rather impulsively earlier, and thought it was time to make things right. Luna rapped her hoof on the door.

    "Tia, it's me," she called out.

    There was a pause. All within the room was silent, and then somepony moved to open the door. The door opened, and then Princess Celestia poked her head out.

    "Luna," Tia greeted.

    "Look, can you just let me in? I want to apologize," Luna sighed. "I acted rather impetuously earlier..."

    Tia hesitated, only staring at her for a moment, and then she pushed the door open and motioned for Luna to enter her private chamber. Luna did so. Whereas her own room was dimly lit, leading to a sort of quiet placidity within its gothic stylings, Celestia's room was filled with bright colours that instilled comfort and peace of mind. Celestia closed the door behind her, and Luna turned to face her sister. Celestia was now dressed in a white nightdress, and judging from her unkempt bed, she had been lying down when Luna had knocked.

    "Where have you been?" Celestia asked, careful to keep her tone from being demanding.

    "That's not important right now," Luna sighed, staring down at her hooves, "but I got a lot of time to think. I know that you're my older sister and you're just trying to look out for me, but... I just..." Luna sighed, "I'm sorry for snapping at you, Tia."

    "Oh, Luna..." Tia chuckled, smiling and holding out her hooves. "Just stop talking and hug me already."

    Luna was taken aback, but she was quick to oblige, stepping into her sister's embrace and wrapping her hooves around her before closing her eyes in contentment. The two Royal sisters hugged for a few moments, and then, unseen to Luna, Celestia smirked. She moved her hooves down and slipped them under the bottom of Luna's dress, causing Luna to open her eyes in surprise.


    Celestia got a firm grip on Luna's panties and smirked, leaning her muzzle in closer to whisper in Luna's ear, "I'm sorry for treating you like a filly... but it's just too much fun!"

    Luna yelped as her lacy black panties were thrust up into her flank for the second time that day. She tried to get out of the hug and wedgie, but Celestia's forelegs were around her and prevented her from moving. Luna could only grit her teeth and bare the underwear tugging from her sister, who was snickering at Luna's obvious discomfort. It was abundantly clear now that Celestia hadn't lost her skills from their shared fillyhoods.

    "Like old times, right Luna?" Celestia smiled at her little sister as she reached up the top half of Luna's dress and unhooked her bra, starting to give Luna a bra-connection wedgie.

    "It sure is, my sister..." Luna grinned, ignoring the discomfort in her plot as her underwear stretched higher up her back and Celestia started to pull her bra hooks through her legholes. "It sure is..."

Commission for the wonderful :iconquillwrite7x: wherein the Princess of the Night and Queen of the Changelings come face-to-face! I tried writing something a bit more beautiful than my usual sarcasm this time. I suppose a writer's mood affects their writing style, because I was feeling really down when I wrote this, leading to less humor and more drama.

And trust me, a wedgie fic is nothing if you take yourself too seriously.

I also tried to finish this one quickly by keeping to a schedule so that I would remain organized enough to finish, and I think it worked. :) Quillwrite certainly deserved it for being such a good, patient commissioner. ^.^

Quillwrite, Wing Saber, Emerald Rose, and Lunar Shroud belong to the commissioner.

Violet Sapphire belongs to me.

All other characters and all locations belong to Hasbro.

Alternate title: Luna v Chrysalis: Dusk of Justice.
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RLYoshi Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2016
People seem to like commissioning Luna and Celestia stuff from you, huh? Not that I can complain, as this is really good. ;P
ASmagni Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Student Writer
Actually, the original commission was just Luna and Chrysalis. ^^; Including Celestia was just my idea that he liked when I pitched it to him. :blushes:
RLYoshi Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016
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ASmagni Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2016  Student Writer
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Misse-the-cat Featured By Owner Edited Aug 3, 2016  Student Writer
Fluffle Puff's reaction:

:iconflufflepuffplz: *seeing Chrysalis has been traped, looks so worried, and but she looked mad with flaming eyes* Pffffft! "I'M GONNA KILL YOU PRINCESS LUNA!!"

If Fluffle Puff saw what luna have done to Chrysalis, She will come after her and make a payback what she have done to Fluffle's Best Friend,
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